This guide is great for those who are new to fitness and the gym and are looking for a structured workout plan to get started.

This program includes:


  • 5-WEEK FULL-BODY WORKOUT PROGRAM including full body (1 day split), upper, and lower body split (2 day split), and also workouts by muscle group (5 day split).

  • Program contains 4-5 training days/week – a variety of DIFFERENT exercises and combination of different exercises for every workout.

  • Includes my flexibility and mobility routine.

  • Descriptions for every exercise, including sets, reps, RPE, rest times, and notes for proper form.

  • Includes different types of cardio.

  • Youtube links for exercise video reference and ACCESS to TONS unlisted workout videos on my other Youtube channel.

What you will learn:

  • Learn a variety of new movements/exercises and proper form for exercises.

  • How a weight-training program is properly structured and organized – includes a schedule with designated workout and rest days.


Required equipment:

  • Squat rack, smith machine, preloaded barbells, dumbbells, bench, cable machine and attachments, various muscle isolation machines (leg extension, hamstring curl, tricep/bicep extension, shoulder press machine, lat pull-down machine, etc).

Required Software:

  • Laptop/Computer/Mobile able to open PDFs

  • Microsoft Word

This program does not include email support, nutrition guidance, and program customization. If you feel you could benefit from unlimited email support, nutrition guidance, and program customization from me, please consider the “Motivation & Accountability Online Personal Training” option.


After purchasing, you will receive links to download the digital product (zip file) in the "Thank You" page of the checkout, along with an emailed link that will last for 30 days. Both a Word document and PDF document are included - word document contains clickable video links whereas the PDF document can be kept on your phone during your workouts.