This program focuses on YOUR fitness objectives, whether that be building lean muscle, toning and firming, losing or gaining weight, increasing flexibility, and more. Customization for all levels – beginner, intermediate, and advanced. You will be required to fill out a health profile inquiry with this online training program. This also includes email support, nutritional/diet guidance, and program customization/personalization.

This program includes:


  • 100% Personalized/customized 8-WEEK FULL-BODY WORKOUT AND NUTRITION/DIET PROGRAM based on your exercise history, lifestyle and nutritional habits, and current fitness objectives.

  • Customized macro or calorie plans.

  • Includes plyometric circuits and different types of cardio.  

  • Weekly check-ins via email (email specific for my online clients) and nutrition, cardio and workout adjustments as needed.

  • Includes a copy of my nutrition guide, my meal examples, and grocery list.

  • Descriptions for every exercise, designated sets, reps, RPE, rest times and notes for proper form.

  • Youtube links for exercise video reference and ACCESS to TONS unlisted workout videos (for every muscle group) on my other Youtube channel.


What you will learn:

  • Learn TONS of new movements/exercises.

  • How a proper weight-training program is structured and organized – includes a schedule with designated workout and rest days.

  • How to properly train all muscle groups.


Required Equipment:


  • Squat rack, smith machine, preloaded barbells, dumbbells, bench/buildable platforms, cable machine and attachments, various muscle isolation machines (leg extension, hamstring curl, tricep extension machine, bicep curl machine , lat pull-down machine, shoulder press machine, etc).

Required Software:

  • Laptop/Computer/Mobile able to open PDFs

    Microsoft Word

After purchasing, you will receive a receipt to the email you enter in at checkout. You will then receive your health profile inquiry via email within 24 hours of purchase.


Please allow for 4-6 business days after you have sent in your health profile inquiry for your customized plan. You will receive the workout/exercise plan biweekly until 8 weeks have been personalized and sent to you. Check-ins are on Saturdays and you will be provided with a check-in form to complete and send to me.


Please be sure to enter your email address CORRECTLY at checkout in the "Add note to seller" section.